The perfect timing for enjoying a perfect and a calm beach

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The proximity of Quebec to the United States allows Quebeckers to have the advantage of traveling to the neighboring country without much harm. The state of Maine and New Hampshire, not too far from the Belle Province, allow visits of short or medium duration. In Maine, there are many small villages by the sea. Many of them are for tourism and vacationers who want to enjoy the calm and the beach, I think here, including Old Orchard, Wells, Kennebunkport or Ogunquit. And who says seaside, says products of the sea; in these cities, there are many local specialties such as crab, lobster, clams, mussels, shrimps or squid. These, for example, are often served fried. Shrimp, for their part, are usually presented with a small red and spicy sauce.

The several characteristics of Maine

In Maine, we find the equivalent of our Quebec guerilla, the Lobster roll. This is bread, often hot dog bread, in which we add some condiments, a small sauce and fresh lobster: usually the legs and sometimes the tail. However, it is in Kennebunkport, in a small unpretentious canteen, The Clam Shack, that one discovers one of the best lobster rolls of Maine. It is served generously and at a cost of US $ 16. And, if you continue your route south of Maine, you will find yourself in New Hampshire. You must stop at Portsmouth, a beautiful city that will charm you. There, you will find many restaurants serving the previously named specialties, several bars and cafes and restaurants a little finer and AIRPAZ.

The various gastronomical delights in the country

American gastronomy has not yet reached its peak … (except in New York or California!) Far behind France, Italy and even Quebec, the American food is still, too often, charged, fat or a not coarse. But, this is slowly changing. In fact, Rudi’s Restaurant, located close to Portsmouth Church, is a good example. The subdued and theatrical atmosphere pleases at the first moment. The notes of the piano also charm from the first minute. The menu is inspired by some great French and Italian classics, while exploiting the fresh products of the sea. This is very interesting. In terms of starters, tuna tartar is a good choice, simple of course, but very fresh. Mascarpone and fig ravioli are surprisingly sweet and salty.

Things to remember and keep in mind

This is an unusual arrangement and yet very nice. But it is certainly the cod and clams, dish of the day, which have seduced me. The cod was well cooked and tasty. The accompaniment of rice was however, for my part, a small flat on the plate since too much. Until then, you will tell me, everything seems to resemble a typical Montreal restaurant … The cultural difference is however felt by looking at the neighbors of tables. The latter opt very little for seafood or fish. Meats (overcooked!). In addition, the majority of guests in the restaurant drink water, a soft drink or a glass of wine that they will keep from the beginning to the end of the meal. On our table, two.